I have been missing. I don't know where I went or how I just snapped back into place.   I re-trace my steps, thuds, leaps, but it's all a mess of half-swept-away journeys, the patterns barely recognisable, trodden over by other soles.   Was I lost? No signposts existed to tell me otherwise. I... Continue Reading →

One Day Like This

One Day Like This, Elbow This is not only a great song but also probably my favourite music video of all time. (I cannot say favourite as I would have to have been debating this back and forth for more years than I have been living to come to a concrete conclusion.) The video itself... Continue Reading →


She sat on the hill and breathed in.  The warm air filled her lungs, the smell of growth prickled in her nostrils.  She couldn't remember the last time she did that.  Well, not at the same time as thinking about it, anyway; time to think was a luxury she reserved for late at night when... Continue Reading →


I avoid mirrors or do they avoid me? They crack in my awkward presence What will be, will be My mum used to say that; I'm not sure where she heard it maybe it was the T.V.   That's where I learned how things work - who to be what to do Until I met... Continue Reading →

A gift

The original features described in the advertisement had been greatly exaggerated. As the estate agent rattled out more of the same, well-rehearsed in her lies, Mona's eyes wandered through the open window and into the darkness beyond.  A chorus of whispers welcomed her home. The agent made her play. "The history of this property is... Continue Reading →


She watched as they edged toward the stalls, bodies heavy, shoulders slack, heads limp, dragging their bags (and some, their children) behind them. Sometimes, they would stop suddenly, their senses acute to any changes, drawn to the shop windows for fear of missing something. She remained still in the shadows the pillars provided, as giggling... Continue Reading →


Margaret was bursting to amaze her aunt and elder cousins with what she'd learned at school; she was practically exploding.  Facts about the universe orbited and collided in the pit of her stomach. "Guess what?!" She yelped up the path as she skipped, frantically.  "You can see Venus from Earth tonight." Margaret pointed. "Look! You... Continue Reading →

Missing Pieces

  A spare moment to take in his accomplishments had been thrust upon him by a sudden  shortness of breath. Leaning for support, he padded his brow with a handkerchief, the family crest mopping up the mess left by the pulsating globules, spreading like blisters. With blurred vision, he counted the cars, the windows, the ornamental... Continue Reading →

Ancient History

  "Now this is an interesting piece, dating back to the Millennium.  Take care not to slip on the very authentic, snow - also typical of the period." The crowd shifted, each visitor looking down at the white substance covering their boots, shaking it off.  One man crouched down to feel it between his fingers;... Continue Reading →


  A white cloth of lace forms as the gentle flakes fall Protecting what lies beneath, Safety found under the soft embrace of the snow.   For now, it is a fun aunt or mischievous uncle waiting to tip you upside down or a parent with time to spare and a hand to help you... Continue Reading →

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