Battery Life

Battery Life

Battery disposal is a common problem

And not something one should worry

Too much about.


When a battery is running low,

There are two simple strategies

To ensure the full functioning

Of your devices:


The first of these is to establish

The type of battery you are operating

With.  Newer batteries are re-chargeable

And can therefore be recharged.


However, these are more expensive

To buy and to maintain.


If you are not fortunate enough

To have re-chargeable batteries and

Your batteries deplete,

They must be disposed of appropriately.


They cannot be simply rubbed and rolled in the palm

of one’s hand in an attempt to ‘get them

working again.”


Unfortunately, once this type of battery depletes,

That is the end.

It is all over.

There is no going back.


Someone has to find a safe place to

Discard the battery.

Hopefully, there is someone to go to

This effort.


Failing this, you are forgotten

And the memory of you rusts,

Like the blood once

Stinging and burning

Inside you.

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