Ancient History

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“Now this is an interesting piece, dating back to the Millennium.  Take care not to slip on the very authentic, snow – also typical of the period.”

The crowd shifted, each visitor looking down at the white substance covering their boots, shaking it off.  One man crouched down to feel it between his fingers; it was hard to believe this stuff had once fallen from the sky.  In their world, there was no sky.

“Now, although we do have a virtual system, this is how our ancestors were permitted to do it  – before human to human contact became illegal, of course.”


This piece was created using the prompt (photo contributed by Rochelle) hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Addicted to Purple. 

You can read more contributions here




18 thoughts on “Ancient History

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  1. The cocoon of technology. I am quite sure that many people are already living with minimal human contact …… and with more technology round the bend coupled with increasing social and political strife this piece has a ominous portend.


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