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Margaret was bursting to amaze her aunt and elder cousins with what she’d learned at school; she was practically exploding.  Facts about the universe orbited and collided in the pit of her stomach.

“Guess what?!” She yelped up the path as she skipped, frantically.  “You can see Venus from Earth tonight.” Margaret pointed. “Look! You can see…”

“Oh, we don’t care about all that stuff, honey.” She aimed her exaggerated laugh at Margaret’s parents who were lagging behind.

But her laughter ricocheted, the shrapnel impacting instantly as her cold embrace wrapped itself around Margret. The world seemed to stop, momentarily.

This piece was created using the prompt (photo contributed by Rochelle) hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Addicted to Purple.  photo contributed by Ted Strutz.

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  1. very nice social dimensions – and how some people can be joy robbers and well, I like the way you gave us her beautiful energy: “bursting to amaze”


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