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She watched as they edged toward the stalls, bodies heavy, shoulders slack, heads limp, dragging their bags (and some, their children) behind them.

Sometimes, they would stop suddenly, their senses acute to any changes, drawn to the shop windows for fear of missing something.

She remained still in the shadows the pillars provided, as giggling teens, hunted in their packs, their designer clothing a badge of honour, the baring of too-white teeth, a warning to the weaker.

It was the new lights that exposed her.  Those extravagant concepts, hanging from the ceilings, dripping in ideals.  But this was real life.

This piece was created using the prompt (photo contributed by Dale Rogerson) hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Addicted to Purple. 

You can read more of this week’s contributions to this photo prompt here


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