I avoid mirrors

or do they avoid me?

They crack

in my awkward presence

What will be, will be

My mum used to say

that; I’m not sure where

she heard it

maybe it was the T.V.


That’s where I learned

how things work –

who to be

what to do

Until I met you


Boy did you show me

what you wanted

me to be

Cuts and bruises heal

quicker than I knew

wounds from words

words from wounds?

They heal too

If you remember

to forget about them

hard enough.


I’ve lost track

You’re right


I’m wrong


Every mirror is

shattered into a thousand


Yet you still show me

theĀ unfairest of them all



I wasn’t reared

to want a fairytale

but I’d give anything

to be your


in shining armour.

But I’m just a boy.

A boy


by a woman.










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