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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my Blog, I hope it finds you well, and if not I hope it finds something in you that you can share here with me.  Here you will find flash-fiction, short stories and poetry and the odd blog about me, my life, and our lives.

I have always been a keen writer – I know that sounds cliche and I am not sure where I stand personally on the whole genetic / nature Vs nurture / experience debate, but what I do know is from a young age, I was exposed to words, great stories and my love for both became apparent quite early on in life.

I grew up and still live in quite a deprived area of Liverpool in a working class household, so I didn’t have any special level of education or any private tuition to help me to excel in writing.  I did exceptionally well in my English GCSEs as I had a great teacher but more so because I was just fascinated with how words work.  I am not snobbish in who / what I will read and will only be impressed by something if the words have been worked hard by the writer.  An easy way for me to explain this is my love of Shakespeare: I love the works of Shakespeare not as teacher, not because it makes me seem intelligent and not because it is popular to do so – I love them simply because of how the words work together to create something that is, in my opinion, magical.

I studied for a degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing almost 20 years ago and have since then become a teacher of English at a local secondary school, something I have been doing now for 12 years.  I have never felt more myself when I was studying for my degree, for many reasons, but mainly when I was studying poetry and fiction.  I enjoyed my studies in English, knowing it would lead somewhere professionally but I always longed to pursue writing – it is possibly my biggest regret in life as now I feel sucked into a career that holds me prisoner, sucks the life out of me, and often prevents me from being creative. I love my job (the teaching part) but it’s such a demanding job that there isn’t time left for anything else and when I have a daughter, Novella, aged 4, she has to be my priority.

But it is time for me to claw back a piece of me I left behind.  The messed up, chaotic and contradictory nature of my current situation sometimes creeps into my recent writing and sometimes it consumes it but hopefully it can be enjoyed by others – that is my motivation for writing, right there!

So, I hope you do enjoy it – as much as I am enjoying reviving my passion.

Take care x


Contacting me:

Please feel free to contact and I shall reply as promptly as whatever chaos I am in the middle of will allow me to.


Email: themumpoet@mail.com

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