The Middle Child

It took pride of place above my fireplace.  Sobbing incessantly, my elder sister had wanted to cling onto every last thing of mothers, to knit each memory together to bring her back from the dead.  Bemused, she'd agreed to part with this one. My trophy. To the outside world, my younger brother waved excitedly at... Continue Reading →

Blue Monday

  So, today is Blue Monday.: the come-down day off the high of Christmas.   We're skint, it's still dark outside and we're over the 'fresh' period of being back at work; it's become stale, Mondane, one might say.  But, it beats the alternative. What makes me 'blue' is that such poverty, oppression and struggle exists... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Entertain

via Daily Prompt: Entertain Something to do It was 9:30pm, pitch-black and cold.  I'd been waiting in the car for 40 minutes and my fingers, despite the layers and the gloves, were frozen, cold and bone-white underneath, I imagined.  I caught a glimpse of an indistinguishable silhouette in the cold glass - it was my... Continue Reading →


<a href="">Static</a> White noise flooded the room.  Sat squat in her armchair, her eyeballs crawled up, down, left and right, across the T.V screen, analysing the million tiny creatures climbing, bumping and clambering along, clumsily, carrying their young, their food, their everything with them.  She tried her hardest to stay fixed on just one of... Continue Reading →


Electric pulses zapped between them, his eyes undressing her where she waited.  Eyes widening, she lured him into her snare with her rouged lips, the silk ropes of her wrap-dress, a noose. "Can I buy you a drink?" He said, transfixed on the black abyss that held his gaze. She lowered her eyes to the... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Funnel   <a href="">Funnel</a>   You pour, slowly.   You watch it funnel, wide-eyed, spill- ing trick- ling seep- ing in. Your words poison oozing into my bloodstream burrowing and nesting in the dark corners of my mind.  

Storm Brewing

The cold and ice held the street's inhabitants prisoner, all were tucked neatly in their cells.  Only Winnie braced the unsympathetic gusts that swirled from the hill tops where the tower stood.  The cramped houses offered a trickle of protection from the brewing storm as she darted in the darkness, avoiding the searchlights she had... Continue Reading →

A Promise

"Any change." The voice, monotone, lacking the intonation to suggest that this was a question.  She already knew the answer. "No." The voice spluttered. The darkness had been upon them now for what seemed an eternity and the silence with it.  The trees nearby toyed with them,  as if life was still blossoming and the... Continue Reading →

Two girls

  You, the vibrant leaves, Warm and red effortlessly and unintentionally falling, Always unscathed on landing Having elegantly sailed Now settling, Making your mark on the dull backdrop Of the earth’s unassuming surface. The pleasure of many during Hard times.   I the mud, clumsy and gloopy, Sometimes hard And callous Unnoticed and trodden Upon... Continue Reading →

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