The Costumes We Wear

via Daily Prompt: Costume   "What have you come as?" She joked. "I'll tell you if you'll tell me." He retorted, wittily. It was obvious what they'd both turned to up the party as; their attire a beacon, showing the world what they wanted to be and what they had to say.  When they entered... Continue Reading →

Crossed Wires

  Why she had picked this place was beyond me. Where were the cocktails and sun-loungers?  Why did it have to be a million miles away?  There were dumps much closer! I slung my bags from my shoulders in protest; making her carry her own off the boat just wasn't going to cut it. ***... Continue Reading →

Beauty and The Beast

Like the age-old quandary about the chicken and the egg, I often wondered which came first:  the name or her good looks?   Bella: She seemed naturally pretty, like it wasn't forced or anything but with all that makeup  (it seemed 'artist' now was a very board term, stretching further away from the truth, a Pangea... Continue Reading →

Cut to pieces

    The news of your death prompted our road trip - a chorus of excitement filled the car, our children unacquainted with the idea of death. We found it standing empty, as if the house was holding on for our last visit. I'd wanted to show them the tree my father planted when I was... Continue Reading →

After the Storm

    The sun gently settled behind the house and the life around it fell into a soft silence. Mother was in the kitchen, humming, preparing supper, whilst my brother and I played in the rubble, looking for forgotten treasures.  A wave of dust stirred in what had been the living room, creeping further and... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Strategy

via Daily Prompt: Strategy noun 2. the art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle. Victorious The aftermath of last night's rounds of ammunition was not yet known - she had fled, not looking back, slamming doors behind her. But she could guess.  She knew him too well. ... Continue Reading →

Blue Monday

  So, today is Blue Monday.: the come-down day off the high of Christmas.   We're skint, it's still dark outside and we're over the 'fresh' period of being back at work; it's become stale, Mondane, one might say.  But, it beats the alternative. What makes me 'blue' is that such poverty, oppression and struggle exists... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Funnel   <a href="">Funnel</a>   You pour, slowly.   You watch it funnel, wide-eyed, spill- ing trick- ling seep- ing in. Your words poison oozing into my bloodstream burrowing and nesting in the dark corners of my mind.  

Two girls

  You, the vibrant leaves, Warm and red effortlessly and unintentionally falling, Always unscathed on landing Having elegantly sailed Now settling, Making your mark on the dull backdrop Of the earth’s unassuming surface. The pleasure of many during Hard times.   I the mud, clumsy and gloopy, Sometimes hard And callous Unnoticed and trodden Upon... Continue Reading →

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