A white cloth of lace forms as the gentle flakes fall Protecting what lies beneath, Safety found under the soft embrace of the snow.   For now, it is a fun aunt or mischievous uncle waiting to tip you upside down or a parent with time to spare and a hand to help you... Continue Reading →

Storm Brewing

The cold and ice held the street's inhabitants prisoner, all were tucked neatly in their cells.  Only Winnie braced the unsympathetic gusts that swirled from the hill tops where the tower stood.  The cramped houses offered a trickle of protection from the brewing storm as she darted in the darkness, avoiding the searchlights she had... Continue Reading →

A Promise

"Any change." The voice, monotone, lacking the intonation to suggest that this was a question.  She already knew the answer. "No." The voice spluttered. The darkness had been upon them now for what seemed an eternity and the silence with it.  The trees nearby toyed with them,  as if life was still blossoming and the... Continue Reading →

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