One Day Like This

One Day Like This, Elbow This is not only a great song but also probably my favourite music video of all time. (I cannot say favourite as I would have to have been debating this back and forth for more years than I have been living to come to a concrete conclusion.) The video itself... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Conjure

via Daily Prompt: Conjure She spread the red velvet across her lips, looking into her own heavily made-up eyes, black and mysterious.   Smoke and mirrors.   She didn't recognise herself but she didn't have to - it was the others she had to deceive and they all participated in this ritual so she just had to... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Entertain

via Daily Prompt: Entertain Something to do It was 9:30pm, pitch-black and cold.  I'd been waiting in the car for 40 minutes and my fingers, despite the layers and the gloves, were frozen, cold and bone-white underneath, I imagined.  I caught a glimpse of an indistinguishable silhouette in the cold glass - it was my... Continue Reading →

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